Where do we get our name? 

A kyber crystal, simply known as a kyber, also called a saber crystal; are force-attuned crystals that are used to power a saber. Each colour of Kyber crystal represents a different style of force user. These colours are not based on rank, purely the user’s connection to the force.


Kyber Society was formed with the purpose of distributing combat-ready lightsabers worldwide; as well as passing on expertise in the arts of Saber Mastery!

Our brand focuses on Saber Combat which is a passion shared by many and we want to make it an affordable yet fulfilling experience for all of our customers.

Kyber Society Sabers


With alluminuin metal hilts and polycarbonate blades, our sabers are designed to withstand medium to heavy contact duelling


A wide range of uniquely crafted designs to suit different styles of combat


Installed with 18650v batteries our sabers guarantee 2-3 hours of solid use while retaining full functionality


There are many sabersmiths out there producing well designed and beautiful hilts. But we promise value for money with affordable hilts and premium quality

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