These somewhat familiar sabers are replicas of those wielded by the most... 

  • Baselit Sabers

    Baselit Sabers

    Wether it's your first Saber or simply adding to the collection, our Baselit range offers unique and elegant styles to choose from as well as durability and combat-readiness.

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  • NeoPixel Sabers

    NeoPixel Sabers

    Looking for something more true to expectation? NeoPixel Sabers use pixel blades with powerful LEDs--internally fitted to the blade to enable a more authentic experience for the user.

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  • Eco Sabers

    Eco Sabers

    The ECO board is a budget version of the NeoPixel saber. Like NeoPixel, Eco sabers use a pixel blade and offer ignition effects but have limited features similar to Baselit sabers.

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